We all know Newtons 1st Law of Motion: An object in motion stays in motion and an object at rest stays at rest UNLESS acted upon by an unbalanced force.

So how does this relate to us as people and our health? Well, think of it like this, you are the object in motion and you tear your rotator cuff. That injury is the unbalanced force that stops the object in motion, you. Maybe instead of an injury its arthritis. That person in motion becomes an object at rest because that arthritis causes pain, and chances are they stay at rest.

So where do health professionals come in here? We are essentially trying to be the unbalanced force against objects at rest. We are here to help overcome the unbalanced forces against objects in motion such as injuries, diseases, or aging. By overcoming these obstacles we can achieve our main goal which is to improve quality of life.

There are many ways we can achieve this goal. Increasing strength and mobility are common ways, but what about improving posture or balance as well. It’s surprising how much a small improvement in posture will also improve confidence therefore improving someone’s willingness to move. Improving balance will help someone maintain independence. Not feeling dependent on someone else or not having to wait on someone to help can keep someone in motion and feeling good.

The main point? KEEP MOVING! Don’t let an injury or symptoms of aging stop you. Get out walking, go lift weights, go swimming, dancing, or play tennis, whatever gets you moving go do it! Don’t be afraid to seek help at GPA if you’re not sure on how to do something or get a friend to go with you so you’re not alone just don’t let all the unbalanced forces in this world stop you.

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